Catch it, cook it in Southern Africa

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Many books have been written on how to catch fish and all this involves: tackle selection and preparation; bait choices and how to collect them, as well as the finer details on angling techniques. Even more books have been written on how to cook your catch or the fish that you have purchased; but very few books, if any, provide you with detailed information on how to care for your fish after you have caught it and how to cut it up. In this book Hennie Crous will try to bridge this gap by illustrating and describing how to preserve the quality of your catch, and the techniques of filleting the fish, as well as giving you his selection of favourite recipes. These are not necessarily all his own recipes; there are ones he has come across, tried (often modified) and enjoyed over many years of catching and cooking fish. Hennie Crous hopes they will give you some exciting variations on preparing your catch.

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